7 Full Sun Summer Flowers

summer sunflower

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Full sun on your summer flower garden can be a good thing if you choose the right plants! If you’re expecting a scorching summer, you’ll be hoping your garden will cope.

The last thing you want at the height of the season is dead flowers, but fortunately, some varieties can take the heat.

Here are seven easy-to-grow summer flowers that positively thrive in dry and hot weather. Pick any combination, or the whole lot together, for a vibrant array of blooms all through the summer.

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With their bright, open petals, these flowers almost seem to smile, and will bring a welcoming warmth to your garden.

They resemble giant daisies in form, but their large heads come in a range of colors and tints, including wedding-dress white, pale pink, delicate violet, and deep red.

If you’re lucky, you may also come across the rare, brown-hued variety, which emits a delicious, chocolaty fragrance.

Enjoy their full summer blooms throughout the season, right to the last frost. Cosmos are a gardening favorite when you need to find flowers that succeed with lots of sunshine.

Wishbone flower  

This species, otherwise known as “Torenia,” is a graceful plant with dainty, trumpet-like blooms that face the sky.

They come in fresh, pretty colors, such as mid-blue, pale pink, yellow and purple, with a splash of contrasting color inside the trumpets, or bells.

The plant can serve either as a ground cover or as trailers for pots, so they’re suitable for borders, patios, and balconies alike.

Wishbone flowers are an easy to grow annual for their ability to take a deep watering and prefer to dry out before needing to be watered again.

Blanket flower 

This low, rambling plant will slowly spread color over a wide area in your garden. If you have a dull patch of dirt that gets blasted by sun, or an area with more greenery than you want, introduce these cheerful, fire-colored flowers for a sweep of radiance.

Although the individual flowers don’t last very long, the plant reseeds itself through the summer months, sustaining the bloom.

Blanket flowers are an ideal summer flower as they are native to dry, hot climates. They prefer dry soil and hate getting ‘wet feet’, so you do not need to water them often. They are a perfect low maintenance summer flower!


penta - full sun summer flower

This plant produces substantial flowers, consisting of clusters of tiny, star-shaped mini ones. Color variations range from white to red, through various shades of pink, so take your pick.

The cushion-like clumps make handy perches for butterflies and other airborne insects, and sometimes hummingbirds, too, so if you want to attract wildlife to your land, this plant is for you.

They are considered one of the best pollinator plants. Full sun is ideal for Penta flowers as they are typically a tropic bloom. Fun fact: they are also rather deer resistant!



The flowers of this plant resemble flames, both in shape and coloring, and are sometimes called “Dragon’s breath.” You may also find a popular variety called “cockscomb”. 

The plume-like heads tend to be red, hot pink or flaming gold, and point upwards from bushy, maroon-tinted leaves.

They fare exceptionally well in humid heat and are a perfect option for unique petals that thrives as summer is in full swing.

Luckily, if you’re in zones 7-9, you can squeeze another year or two out of them and keep them as short-lived perennials. Otherwise, they are typically annuals.

Zinnia elegans

The daisy-like petals of this plant grow in multiple layers, forming attractive, rounded heads. With their tall stems, beautiful Zinnia flowers look great in vases as well as in the backyard.

Choose from a range of vibrant colors, including violet, peachy pink and hot scarlet, or combine colors for an exotic array.

Use these beauties to add color to your cottage garden or as a border for your flower bed. They can grow up to 4 feet tall, so be sure to plant them where they won’t block smaller flowers behind them. To maintain them and allow for continual blooms, deadhead them


The name kind of says it all, doesn’t it?! Sunflowers are the quintessential full sun flower that thrives in hot summers.

Plant the seeds directly into the ground later in the spring, as they germinate best when soil temperatures reach 70 degrees.

Once they start growing thick stalks, you don’t have to do much from there. They require little water and can survive with a once a week watering.

Enjoy the massive heads of bright yellow petals through late summer. Remember to harvest the sunflower seeds for next year!

Sowing and Growing Summer Flowers

Enjoy these selections of gorgeous options in your garden! Most are best sown directly into the ground well after you are clear of frost. Check your frost dates to be certain.

After the hard part (which is excitedly waiting for them to germinate) you won’t need much know-how to get these plants growing. Keep them well watered, until they start to mature and they’ll do the rest.

With the heatwave catered for, and your new plants basking in the sunshine, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the summer. Whatever the climate or expected weather, you can always find to ensure you’ll never need to go without flowers.

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