9 Best Flowers to Decorate Around the Mailbox

Mailbox flower garden

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There are quite a few opportunities to add color to your landscape and add curb appeal to your home. The usual suspects are around the walkway, door entry, stairs and garden bed. Have you thought about adding some colorful impact to the base of your mailbox post?!

Here are a few ideas to get you started on decorating the mailbox and being the envy of the neighborhood!

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A forever favorite mailbox annual. These heat tolerant plants will need a lot of direct sunlight and will bloom most in the dead of summer. They can reach 5-10 feet vine height very quickly, and will provide a dramatic flower bed very quickly.

English Primrose

flowers for the mailbox

The English Primrose is a hardy perennial that will show through the winter and give that much needed pop of color to an otherwise dreary winter day. With regular sun and water, English primrose will come in all kinds of colors and grow up to 12 inches high and 9 inches wide.


Camellias are a popular flowering shrub in southern gardens. Planting two types of these beauties will give you year round flowers! Camellia Japonica blooms from January to April, whereas Sasanqua Camilla bloom from September to December!

Camellias grow red, pink and white flowers, depending on the variety and grow best with partial shade.

Moonflower vine/Morning glory vine

Moonflower, or morning glory, will have a magical overnight bloom that give you a pretty show every morning to enjoy. Morning glory will develop large 2-3 inch blue blooms with a white throat.

However, you will want to remember they are vines and they can, and will, grow and climb your mailbox quickly. If you’re only looking for a base plant, you may want to skip this one. Otherwise, it’s a no-brainer!

Winter Pansy

blue winter pansy flower with deep purple accents and yellow centers.

Pansies can be planted year round, and if you plant later into the fall you can expect to see beautiful blooms when the temps rise here and there.

The root grows strong throughout the winter which will keep the plant very sturdy and lush by early spring. Keep them healthy with a fertilizer over the winter and cover them with mulch or straw.

No matter what time of year, it’s always a treat to see a pretty flower poking out of the ground in an unsuspecting place. Start plotting out how large of a flower bed you want and get busy planting flowers to decorate your mailbox bed! Then, you’ll be able to enjoy a year round display of pretty petals!

Clematis Vine

a purple Clematis VIne surrounded by green leaves

Clematis vines are superb options as flowers that can decorate a mailbox or any front exterior. These bloom into gorgeous, vibrant colors year after year. They are climbers too so you can absolutely add a gorgeous trellis, or support stakes to add additional height or volume.

Clematis vines pop with vibrant reds, blues, purples and pinks. They also have lush green leaves that fill in any gaps that ground level flowers can’t fill.


pink and white phlox

Phlox are a great choice if you’re looking for color throughout the summer. They are in full bloom from July through September. Phlox are great at the base of a mailbox because they do well in full sun and provide a variety of brilliant color.

Give them a little help and direction by providing something for them to climb on. They spread wonderfully and will create a nice thick carpet of color.


purple lavender plant with green background

Lavender is my favorite shrub! It’s a perfect plant that packs a punch of curb appeal with it’s soft purple flowers. They won’t overwhelm your mailbox as they stay relatively short, usually up to 12 inches tall.

If you’re looking for a low maintenance option, this is the one. Place this plant in full sun and water sparingly. Then, it’s pretty hands off from there!

Lavender also won’t spread. You’ll be able to add pockets of variety with different colors, heights and blooming seasons.

It is also a nice little bug repellent so your mail delivery service might thank you! Lavender can repel mosquitoes, spiders and ants!


variegated hosta plant with yellow and bluish green leaves to grow around the mailbox

Let’s all take some time to give Hostas a proper solute as a gardeners favorite. These perennials are hardy, versatile, adaptable. You can also grow them and separate them once mature enough and use them elsewhere!

Hostas are mostly shade lovers, so make sure you are keeping them in rich soil and at least dappled to part shade.

With the variety of colors, shapes and sizes, you will absolutely find the perfect plant for your project.

A New Mailbox

You may be saying to yourself, “I probably just need a new curbside mailbox.” Or “My mailbox is pretty enough to decorate.” or “My mailbox is just too boring to both even adding flowers to decorate.” Well, on the contrary, having a non-existent, ugly, old or boring mailbox is the perfect excuse to start a makeover! Here are a few things you can do to jazz up an existing mailbox.


Repainting a mailbox in a fresh new coat of paint will give anything a new life. Go for a crisp classic white, or go bold with a turquoise to add a pop of color! Going for a country fresh look? Paint it red!

You can really paint your mailbox whatever color you want, it’s such a small piece of decor but can have such a big personality it you let it. Be bolder…paint your mailbox and your front door a fancy new color and really make the neighborhood jealous!

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