Cute Succulent Pot Sets You Must Have

Cute Succulent Pot Sets

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Don’t you love looking for super unique and quirky garden decor, especially for our favorite and cute succulent pots!? Isn’t it fun to also share that cute one-of-a-kind item with someone who shares the same quirky taste as you?

It’s fun to have friendly contests among friends on who can get the best gifts on a super limited budget. Cute succulent pot sets fall into this collectible, find-for-cheap, fun category!

So, I feel a little bad about my ugly garden decor post so I am going to reverse my karma. Here, you will find a lovely offering of some of the cutest and most unique planters and succulent pot sets!

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One of the best things about finding a succulent planter set is that they are so small, having a grouping of them can make for a real cute centerpiece or wall art. Also, you can use them for all kinds of small and tiny plants and bonsai trees!

What to Look for in a Succulent Pot

First and foremost, you absolutely want to select a succulent pot or pot set that contain drainage holes on the bottom.

Remember, succulents are baby cacti and they grow native in the desert. This means, they thrive in a dry environment and do not stay alive when their roots stay wet and soggy.

So, look at the bottom to make sure there is at least one hole that will allow the water to escape.

Secondly, make sure the planter for your succulent has a watering dish for it to rest on.

That way, when the water drains, it doesn’t leech onto your surfaces and ruin it.

Decor with Succulents

As you browse all of the wonderful and super cute options, keep in mind that there is an opportunity to showcase your personality, style and personal decor.

Select succulent pots that are made from a variety of materials such as clay, ceramic, glass or plastic.

Look for different sizes, varying heights, and widths. Buy small succulent pots, and large ones, to show off your little collection.

Choose a variety of textures and designs. Going for boho chic? What about minimalist? Or, how about both?! Mix it up and have fun.

Do you know how to propagate succulents? You can regrow tons of new plants from the ones you already have!

Learn more here about how to easily regrow your succulents as well as the type of soil that will allow your plant to thrive!

Best Succulent Pots for Indoors or Outdoors

Here are our top pics for the cutest and unique succulent pots and pot sets.

Ceramic Owl Succulent Pots Set

Check out these super sweet ceramic Owl  succulent planter. You’ll get six individual planters with different and unique owl faces. They are big enough to hold one small succulent in them and act as their own piece of decoration! Check them out on Amazon!

We also love these little critters too:

Cartoon Farmhouse Style Ceramic Succulent Plant Pot
Mini Doggy Shape Succulent Planter
Dinosaur Shape Ceramic Succulent Planter

Modern Clay Succulent Pot Set

I really like the look of these uniquely modern planter sets. They have a really nice tone and color pairing to them that offer a little bit of sophistication to this otherwise fun and quirky plant.

They can really finish off a modern room with the simple level of style, and easy to match designs. The best part about this chic set? On Amazon, they are under $20 for the set of four. That’s a great deal!

More Great Modern Options:

Long Rectangle White Ceramic Succulent Planter Pots
Geometric Ceramic Mini Succulent Planter
Mini Succulent Flower Pots with Bamboo Arch Tray

Sweet Elephant Pots

How cute are these little ceramic elephant pots?! They are so cute and such little symbols of power and force, which represent the elephant. These planters come in a set of two. One is larger than the other and are kind of like a little mommy and me set, which I love!

They are so simple and elegant they really can bring such a graceful element to your current style and decor. Get yours here for under $15!

More Exotic Animal pots:

Giraffe Statue Cactus Succulent Planter
2 pcs Cute Alpaca Animal Flowerpot
Cute Panda Succulent Planter 

Boho Style Hanging Succulent Pots

Ok, these are gorgeous! I just love the macrame style that adds some texture and depth. These are so nice, especially for an outdoor patio or garden. By hanging them, you can really offer dimension and height to build out your scenic space.

These cute succulent pot sets come in a set of 5, in all different shapes and sizes. They are unique and can hold all types of small plants, including succulents! Check them out on Amazon and pick your set up today!

More Hanging Planters:

Hanging Planter 3 Inch Succulent Pots with Jute Rope
2 Pcs Mini Hanging Planter Vase Set
Wall Mount Hanging Succulent Pot Set

Mini Kitty Pot Set

For any cat lover in your life, I’m pretty sure this is the next thing you should buy them. This super cute succulent pot set of 2 feature a little kitten poking over the bowl from the inside! These ceramic planters are the same size and are a nice little pair.

The simple white design are a great base for a vibrant little plant, or something dramatic to give it some life. They are super affordable and under $15 on Amazon. Perfect for a gift or to drop onto your bookshelf for a little sass!

More Pet Pot Sets:

Cat with Scarf Cactus Planter Pot
Cute Succulent Planter Animal Shaped 
Cute Dog Succulent Planter Pot

Lovely Lady Hair Planter

Ok, this may not be everyone style, but it’s super unique and is actually really popular. How great would it be to line up your pretty gals and give them their own fresh hairdo with different succulents and herbs alike?

The reviews on these are great and are so much cuter when the plants are in them. As a sweet set of 4 for around $25, these are a great addition to your collection!

More People and Faces:

Human Shaped Small Ceramic Flower Pots
Succulent and Cactus Planter That Holds Glasses
Female Head Succulent Pot

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