4 Fragrant Plants for the Garden

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There is nothing better than spring time rolling in and gardens coming back to life. I love driving down my country roads seeing the spray of bright buds popping up on trees and bushes. It’s so exciting knowing the sweet fragrant blooms of summer plants are just around the corner!

The cusp of spring and the time for planting is right here. Now is a great time to consider which plants to add to your garden for lush, beautifully scented and delicately fragrant blooms!


fragrant lavender plant for the garden

It’s no secret I love Lavender, and no surprise this beautiful herb makes the top of the list for perfect plants for a fragrant garden! It’s a perfect addition!

This perennial is drought proof and evergreen. It smells lightly fragrant and adds a beautiful pop of color from beautiful blues to delicate purples. The added bonus of lavender plants is that they smell delicious while alive, but also keep their beautiful scent once cut and dried.

Tip: Opt for English lavender as other varieties can emit a not so pleasant medicinal odor.


Eucalyptus is one of those plants that you catch a whiff of an know right away what it is. While it may not be as easy to grow in areas that see frost and cold temps, it’s a grant plant to grow indoors, or keep around dried.

With a little bit of minty scent with a little touch of sweetness, eucalyptus is a popular choice to add fragrance to homes and to personal care products. The oil of the plant is what allows the ongoing fragrance to continue to flourish.


Fragrant Mint Plant

Mint is wonderful, but as an outdoor plant I will always recommend growing it in a container. It grows like wildfire and can easily take over any space.

Regardless, the scent of mint in the air does nothing less than amazing things, including repelling pesky bugs!

It will wake you up, it will make you want a mojito, it will add a beautiful scent to the breeze. It’s also a great herb to keep around for the aromatherapy benefits so they say! Did I mention mojitos?!


There is something so sweet about lemongrass. It’s a delicate, sweetly citrus scent that seems so crisp and clean. It’s another fantastic, fragrant, plant to have in the garden to add to the aroma of the season.

Also, another fabulous plant with medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Grow these tall, grassy plants in groups to maximize the fragrance and keep them watered and in full sun.

Go ahead and start potting and planting to add a fresh, fragrant scent to your garden! Not only will your enjoy the beautiful aromas, but you’ll see they will attract butterflies, bees, and birds!

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